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Update from Joe - Mammoth Track, fighting the fight.

posted Feb 29, 2012, 5:24 PM by Tony Burgess
(below is a lengthy note we received from MCmember JOE, a staunch track supporter, via the petition)

"Joe, President and founder of the Thanking all of you for taking the time to write and express your opinions on opening our track for more public use. KEEP WRITING!!

Here's the latest updates on our progress regarding public using the track during summer and fall season.

History of the track and the pioneers who built it. Back in the 1900's during the mining boom the Eastern Sierra's was a hot spot . Old mines are still around in Mammoth and in the Eastern Sierras. The Track is built in an area were disturbed dirt was dropped from making mine shafts. When an areas been affected by disturbed disposal like, Dumps, hazardous waste sites, and military bomb testing areas. The dirt in these areas aren't suitable for development. ( No houses or businesses projects can be built).

Dave McCoy,Don Rake, and a few other good ol boys started a Motorcycle club in Mammoth. They approached the U.S.F.S wanting to build a motocross track for the club and visitors. Murphy(Pam Murphy father) gave the club three locations to build the track. 1. Behind main lodge, 2. off 395 at the Mammoth off ramp and 203 exit, 3. were the track is now. Were the track sits today is an area that will never restore itself to it's original state.

Update on my uphill battle: I've been persistent at our local town council meetings speaking at public comment to educate our local Government how much the MX industry has grown since they closed the track to the public in 2003. Good changes are starting to happen with local Government. We have a new U.S.F.S supervisor Ed Armenta who is a motorized user.(Jeeps/Quads) transferred from Arizona.

The town of Mammoth has new Government and a new Town manager. Dave Wilbrecht was our town Recreation Director when the track got shut down by evil U.S.F.S staff sent to our area to do the dirty work. (2 of them gone, 1 to go). Dave W. was able to retain the permit for the track to save the race. He was working on operating the track through the towns Recreation department. Dave left and hired as the Mono county administrator. Bad blood for O.H.V users in Mammoth, The new Recreation Director was a total opposite of Dave Wilbrecht. Dana Stroud was a big disaster when it came to catering to all of the recreation user groups in Mammoth. (Did nothing to help O.H.V in our area). The town held the permit for the track. M.M.S.A had to pull a permit with the town to host the Mammoth motocross race in June. For once the town had the ski area by the balls. The town was charging the mountain to use the track.(WINNING!) Then it happened. Dana Stroud gave the permit back to the mountain.(Yes, SHE'S A ****censored again Joe****)

Now the Ski area has locked up the track on public land for it's own profit. Is O.H.V being Discriminated in Mammoth? YES! 1. Example of why I feel this way; Mammoth Ski Area has a permit for profit in our Lake Basin for cross country skiing. It's called Tamarack. The lake basin is Public Land. The permit expires on April 17 of every year. The lake basin then is open for public use. (This Includes Motorized Snowmobiles).

Yes, Snowmobiles are allowed to ride on the groomed track areas that cross country skiers use. They ride on frozen lakes with motorized vehicles too. The MX track permit begins in June and ends in September. Mammoth Ski Area hosts the race. 2012 race is June 21 - July 1. Then Mammoth mountain locks up the track for the remaining months of summer. Yes, locking up public land. Were is the trade off? public land permitted to a private sector(not Government) for profit with no give back to the public and the user groups who want to ride it. We are forced to race with 40 other bikes on the track. It's the only way you can ride the track. A track built on public land.

3/23/12 Update: A meeting was held at the Bishop Ca. fairgrounds Nov. 2011. 1 councilmember from Mammoth(SKIP HARVEY) attended. The U.S.F.S Supervisor Ed Armenta was also present. More use of the Mammoth track was in the discussion. Armenta is offering the town a permit to keep the track open after the race. This is the deal: The town operates the track through the recreation department. Funding for employees, operation costs,insurance, and heavy equipment fuel costs will be funded by the Red/Green sticker state O.H.V grant fund.(2012, 21 million in fund). The town then operates the track for the rest of the permitted time. The track is open for High Altitude training,product testing, educational camps, and practice freeriding.

SKIPPY DROPS BALL: Yes Skip Harvey who attended the meeting in 2011 has never brought it up at council reports, never informed motorized user group of the meeting, and never consulted our town Manager about an offer for a permit to operate the track . WHY? He's running for election for another seat on our council. He knows the enviro's in the area are the voters to put him back in our government. This will be Skips 3rd term if he wins.(High Hopes, HE DOESN'T WIN). Skip has been in office during the towns 42 million dollar lawsuit that our past town council John Eastman put us in. They owe a developer for breech of contract. I spoke with Dave Wilbrecht regarding the towns offer for a permit for the track. Dave's new duties are to work with U.S.F.S for permits. (THIS MEANS PERMIT FOR MX TRACK). I'm now working on a meeting to get everyone at the table to find out what it will take for the town to submit a proposal for a permit to operate the track. PLEASE TELL EVERYONE YOU KNOW TO SIGN THE PETITION AND WRITE A COMMENT ON THIS SITE!! Check back for more updates."

Thank You
Joe Parrino