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Glass Mountain vicinity - private property route closure

posted Jul 13, 2010, 1:32 PM by Tony Burgess   [ updated Jul 21, 2010, 3:43 PM ]
Just a heads up to anyone with mapped routes or GPS tracks leading down Dexter Canyon (like previous years Sierra Safari) to Adobe Road and Taylor Canyon junction - new fence is up and it is posted private property no trespassing.  It may be possible to get owner permission, we only stumbled across the gates last minute and had no idea.  (last year they weren't there)
On the bright side the ranch complex is up for sale, only 2 million for 80 acres or so!  Although real estate in Mammoth has hit bottom, some owners are still holding out for the golden pay-off.   But that's the beauty of owning land, fence it, restrict it, price it, etc.   (Just don't try to develop it.)  By the way, across highway 120 from this mini-ranch is a larger parcel for sale, 152 acres for $80K - supposedly it has some year round springs on it.  (and now you're in my price range)
With no way around the road closure, we opted for a short leg of one of Jerry Count's wild rides through dust and sage.  It was fun, but one riders made the remark, "are we lost, or what?" due to the erratic track crossing the highway 3 or 4 times in the course of a couple miles.  Good times!
And... I'm not trying to be down on private land and doing with it as you please with this news report.  I'm an advocate for it and own land myself.  But, this new fence is on the edge of a private ranch and controls access to another private ranch.  In between both properties the road travels over our public lands, and now our public lands are controlled by adjacent land owners.  Bottom line:  Dexter Canyon area is probably only 10% privately owned and now it is 100% off limits.