Mammoth M/C Meeting Minutes


Members In Attendance: Joe, Kim, John, James, Russ, Abe

Members In Attendance at Gio’s: Vince (again)

Guests: Mike Sclaffman (Deputy District Ranger for the Lee Vining Ranger District of the Inyo National Forest), Jon Kazmierski (Mammoth Lakes Recreation Officer USFS) , Marty  Hornick (Trail Program Coordinator, Travel Management Project Co-Leader for the Inyo National Forest

Guests at Gio’s: unknown


New Business

James Connolly:  Another great meeting!  A few USFS representatives decided to meet with us this time.  They included: Mike Sclaffman (Deputy District Ranger for the Lee Vining Ranger District of the Inyo National Forest), John Kazmierski (Mammoth Lakes Recreation Officer USFS),  and Marty Hornick (Trail Program Coordinator, Travel Management Project Co-Leader for the Inyo National Forest).  As soon as the technical difficulties were  straightened out, the “Off Highway Vehicle Development Plan” PPT was projected over the loud conversation and oblivious passersby’s.  The plan is aimed at promoting self guided OHV touring opportunities in the Inyo, made possible by the addition of new signed loops, educational and informative kiosks, and multiple staging areas.  The overall goal of the plan– is to improve the recreational experience for all motorized users by creating a sustainable management plan for the trail system in the INF.


Everyone seemed supportive of the new proposal, 

And the USFS representatives are eager to move forward with the project.  Marty Hornick actually prepared a full size map with the Mammoth Loop overlay on all existing legal trails and roads.  Unfortunately, it was only a partial overlay due to the incompatibility of my GPS tracks with his mapping software.  an overlayUnfortunately, some of the sections of the proposed “Mammoth Loop” failed to include didn’t mathe new Multi-Vehicle Use Map, and those specific sections are now considered “illegal.”

 99% of all roads and trails in the, Inyo were created by timber sales. Which has nothing to do with green sticker vehicles - but green sticker funds have been captured for use in the closing of these timber sale roads. Convenient? We think so. 

We pay to play, we don’t pay to clean up the mess of roads left behind from timber sales.  Green sticker monies should be used in the rehabilitation, maintenance, and development of green sticker Trails and OHV areas. 

was omitted from the route designation process, Changes mapped out Since almost all singletrack “illegal.”  new singletrack sections were Provide informative kiosks with trail information and proper trail etiquette / Education. .  2. Maintenance of trails, discussed3. Environmental education Welcome OHV user groups, Informative Kiosks, signs, etc.

(an example of the current CTUC map)

The FS also wants us to be a contributing force to the New CTUC maps, and there was much discussion revolving around GPS coordinates, trail closures, interesting loops and routes. Costs of these new maps were also discussed.  Free, or a small fee (2.00) to cover future map development

 Marty wants us to come up with interesting (and legal) routes for the new map, he dosent want it to be a confusing mess of colored trails and roads, but more of a compelation of interesting and worthwhile trails and connectors – including both 4x4 and other OHV vehicles.  We’re also asked to come up with some points of interest that we would like to see on the back of the map, as well as any verbiage.  Members, if you want to add any content, just type it up and send it to me:

John Connolly:  The beer was good, and the pizza was so-so.  John had a little side meeting with Marty from the Bishop office USFS, Marty pulled out his map and John noticed many errors on it - as usual.  John pointed out a couple of them to him, but John found it difficult to discuss specific details with Marty.  “He’s the map guy, but he doesn't get out in the field enough to qualify his maps.” John stated, “In my opinion, a map guy should also ride because that’s the only way to get out and cover all the ground that needs to be covered.”
Another item that was brought up, which was a concern:  USFS staffer Mike stated that every road on the “Multi Vehicle Use Maps” had been through the NEPA process.  That means every single road was driven and then walked to a distance of 50' from center of roadway.  A ridiculous claim?  We think so!  With our 4,000 miles of trail we all highly doubted it. 

John mentioned that we’re out there more than the USFS and have never seen anyone doing NEPA analysis on any roads.  And, if staff was out there walking the land and roads then they would know the difference between singletrack and jeep trails - many of their maps have those two actually switched around on paper.

Joe Parrino:  The Mammoth Motocross Track was not discussed at this meeting.  

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