Mammoth M/C Meeting Minutes


Members In Attendance: Joe, Kim, John, James, Adam,

Members In Attendance at Gio’s: Vince, Chris, Jake

Guests: Amber and Frank

Guests at Gio’s: 1

New Business

Joe Parrino:    Mentioned our Meeting with the Forest service (on 7-18), unfortunately the Mammoth motocross track was not discussed in detail at the meeting. Joe also mentioned that the big COX had passed away – He won’t be speaking out against our sport any longer.   RIP Mr. Cox. 

Joe talked a little about setting up a date for our next “official” event - either a money oriented fundraiser, or all girls ride with the guys running chase/support.  Ideas welcome. Joe also discussed a little about his application for a permit to operate at the motocross track.  “Things move slowly when you’re working with a government agency,” Joe said, “expect things to start developing in about 2 years.” 


John Connolly:    John had a phone meeting with a BLM representative Rich Williams, from the Bishop field office about the recent closure on Doe Mtn. (the hill climb behind Whitmore baseball field).  Rich said that the trail was too steep and needed to be closed due to its ever growing size, and there’s nothing can be changed.   Rich continued to tell John that the trail network from Crowley to Toms Place (the one that goes through the sheep herder’s meadow) is slated for closure as well.  John informed him that this particular trail network is on DWP land, and is the only green sticker route from Crowley to Toms.  It’s the ONLY access for non plated OHV vehicles, and John stressed the need for it to remain open.  The  next day, Rich called John back to inform him that the closure had been re-addressed, due to Johns concerns, and only one road (the steep ass hill climb) will be closed - the rest will remain open. Rich also asked John if our club wouldn’t mind in monitoring the situation out there, to make sure things don’t get any worse. No problem.

Great job John!  Our first real measurable victory in the fight to keep our trails open!  The Club should buy John a bottle of his favorite poison – Southern Comfort.

John also noted that the Google group ( is now for paying members only.  Non paying members are all moved to our “e-mail list.”  All conversations on our google group should stay between members only.  The old Google group (mammothmotocross-track-and-trail-crew) is no longer being used – delete it from your contact list. Thanks.


James Connolly:    Our 2.5 hour meeting with the Forest service (on 7-18) went well.  It started out a bit rocky, with name calling and fits of rage from… mostly us (actually, mostly me).  John (the owner of John’s pizza works) told the FS reps in attendance that they can wipe their ass with the new MVUM maps.  Good call John!  After the (un)pleasantries were over, we actually calmed down a bit and made some headway. We talked about the future OHV trail system and new loop signage.  The FS wants to have clear signs at ALL 2,500 intersections in the forest (good luck with that). They ordered over 5,000 signs.  The FS reps told us that they are very open to the idea of new 53” wide trails and new singletrack.  Neither of the FS guys ride, so they want us to come forward with ideas on new loops and ideas on connecting single-track trails.  James brought up the idea of connecting the Crater Loop to the Lookout Loop – incorporating some of the narrower trails.  Connecting the two loops will bring Shady Rest Park traffic ( from Mammoth Lakes) to the June Lake Junction.   This loop would be designed to attract the more adventurous riders that visit our area - and the FS reps loved the idea.  The FS is also supportive of the idea of turning old (un-used) jeep roads into singletrack.  Unfortunately, before any changes (in our favor) can happen, certain environmental issues must be addressed (watershed and other resource concerns).

“We aren’t promising anything” stated one FS rep, “but we hope to have something to work with by December.” 

The FS also mentioned a NEW and improved OHV map – that will be funded on OHV grant money. 

The FS wants to meet with us again in August – and they mentioned something about seeing more members at the meeting.  Let’s make it a big showing! 

James also talked about the upcoming ADVrider meet-up at the Browns Owens River Campground (the weekend of 7/30 – 8/1).  Mammoth M/C will be donating a dualsport track to everyone who shows.  Here’s the breakdown for the gps route being donated:

Approx 160 total miles (Browns to June  - 93 miles, and June to Browns - 67 miles).  There will be 2 bail-outs (one at Big springs, and one at the Green Church).  There will be approx 41 total miles of hwy, ? miles of singletrack (total), 8 quad trail sections (11 miles), and 101 miles of 4x4 roads.  Not a real difficult ride, but very scenic.  Mammoth M/C will not be tour guiding any non members at this event. These are just gps tracks, and interested riders will do them in groups or on their own time. 

For members, an “unofficial” ride will happen Sat morning if you’re interested (departing Browns between 9:00 and 10:00)…  No hwy, just a dirt route to June, and a dirt route back to browns.  Approx 100 miles Total.  Make fuel arrangement if you need them – desert tanks recommended.


Adam Klimek:    Talked a little about his sweet “camping trip” at Grant Lake.  He borrowed 3 crayfish traps from James but failed to catch even 1 crayfish.  Must have been all the beer bongs the night before.  Adam also gave a small ride report on what he and Joe rode earlier that day.  Adam reported that the USFS has officially closed the entrance (and exit) to the singletrack up by Mammoth Mtn.  Members note: Trespassing into wilderness carries a steep fine ($5,000 or so). Use of this trail is not advised.


Member Vince:   The Following report (from the Giovanni’s Restaurant meeting) was made by “Member Vince,” and was sent in via email:

 Member Vince began the meeting with curse words and other obscenities shouted out to the members at Smokeyard. Vince then followed these tirades with a text (message sent) to the members (at Smokeyard); which in turn was not responded too till a much later time. At this time Vince acknowledged the meeting substandard directions to Smokeyard and began the Mammoth MC #2 meeting. In attendance were the two new members Baitx party- Jake and Chris. We also had a gentleman from the Swallmeadows area that was interested in joining and left no name or number due to the bullsh** that was being slung. I have two payments made for the Baitx party and will get the monies to John. Anything else (?)

Thanks for nothing!


Website report

Our website has been live for 25 days, and in that time it has received 893 hits and 5,389 page views (averaging 6 page views per visitor).

Next to the home page (site landing page), our ride reports page seems to be the most popular, with the GPS downloads page coming in very close second.  Surprisingly, the “Calendar of events” page is third - I guess we should put something up there. Haha!

The website has some newly added content as well.  Check the “News” section, and the Ride Reports section “Crowley lake locals (special).”  Also check out “Joes Corner” for a couple of interesting articles regarding the motocross track. 

Members, If you would like to see some specific content added to the website, just type it up (attach pictures or whatever) and send it to me.  Prepare all the text and I’ll post it up for you.  Links to your business, etc.  This site represents us all.


Treasury Report

Bank Roll: $328.00, with 20 paid members.

Recent Purchases:  (6/30/2010) $37.00 was spent on the purchase of 2 website URLs – and The 2 URL’s must be renewed on a yearly basis.  (7/23/2010) $1.50 was spent buying business card paper to make member GSC discount cards. 


Mammoth M/C would like to welcome it’s 7 newest members!

 Carl Pugh (joined 7/4), Abe Mascarenas (joined 7/10), Chris Corlett (joined 7/20), Tom Albright (joined 7/21), Les Willis (Joined 7/21), Chris Baitx (Joined 7/22), and Jake Baitx (Joined 7/22)!  For those we haven’t met, we look forward to meeting you!  Thanks for supporting the cause!


Fines assessed: 0.00  (Consider yourself warned: individuals responsible for e-mailing last minute meeting location changes, or other “panic” type e-mails that are aimed at causing confusion to others will be fined heavily)