Mammoth M/C Meeting Minutes


Members In Attendance: Joe, Kim, John, James, Russ, Jason

Guests: ”Dangerous” Dave, Jerry Counts, Arwen, Scott, Marty, and 4 children


End of the Season Garage Party!

11 adults and 4 children made the trip out to the cold “End of the Year” Garage party in the Mammoth Lakes industrial park!  Hotdogs and Beer were provided by the Mammoth Motorcycle Club – a good end to an excellent riding season!

 John Connolly: At the garage meeting I went 3 for 3, three hot dogs and three beers.  I spoke a little to Marty and Jerry about the first draft Mammoth area CTUC map that I put a lot of time (and club input) into.  They were going to email the next draft but I haven't seen it yet.  Marty wants us to write up a few paragraphs about the various loops and connectors, that's not a problem but I first have to confirm what they are before the typing begins.  Specifically I asked about the Glass Mountain Traverse and they said it's there.

Caught up a bit with Russ and Jason, made a side wager with Joe that we'd have 11 people show up.  Jason turned 32 that night but he didn't look a day over 60.  Great time despite the temps!

Robert Atlee finally gave me a call back regarding making our own OHV map.  He said the cartographers fee could range in the $2000 mark and that doesn't include the actual printing of the finished product.  Next year maybe we can secure some funding for a project like this, but, for now we can't afford it. 

I've also been watching Joe make some comments on our local news station, nothing like motorcycling to bring out the naysayers.

Joe Parrino: I want to thank Jerry Counts and Marty Hornick for the miles they traveled to attend our get together.  I also want to thank everyone who took time out of their evening to show support:
·         Adam for opening his doors to his shop and letting our group drink and break things!
·         Kim for busting out the heater, and not getting too drunk.
·         Jason and family for helping us eat club profits… er… uh...  I mean hotdogs.
·         Russ for being Russ, and hogging up all the heat!
·         Dangerous Dave Shelton for showing his support and coming back to life in the MX world… and for letting us use is parts cleaner last week.
·         Scott  for making time out of his busy schedule and showing his support
·          And a BIG thanks to John and James for setting up. I don’t usually eat it, but the pork hot dogs were delicious!  Thanks guys!

Our next meeting location will be announced Dec.7 at the after party. It’ll be a tossup between Z Ranch and the Smokeyard… or any new happy hour spot. Check the website for updates
 Sorry, No GIO'S Vinnie. 
 Lastly, Randy from G.S.C was conducting a private sound check at 4 locations in Bishop last weekend. A fr
ee ride day at the new Bishop Moto park track will be announced in Dec. 2010.

Don’t forget, Motorcycle riding will continue in the winter months down in Bishop!
James Connolly:  The 2010 Dirtbike riding season is officially
over for the Mammoth lakes area, and what an exciting year it was for our Club!
Lots of fantastic rides, BBQ’s, new friends, and even a few new enemies
(j/k)!   On behalf of Mammoth M/C, I would like to
thank EVERY single person who helped us out this first year – Both members and non-member
- and especially our sponsors!  You know
who you are, and your generosity was amazing! 
Thank you!  

As winter claims the area in a blanket of snow, most of us will now be focusing on other passions: Like snowboarding, Skiing, and backcountry snowmobiling, etc. 

But don’t worry! The Mammoth Motorcycle Club will still stay active even through winter months… attending OHV meetings, updating our website, and planning the occasional ride at lower altitude areas.  Have a great winter everyone, spring is just around the corner!!!!


Website report

Since our last meeting, has received 413 hits and 1,370 total page views.  Oddly enough, it looks as though things are picking up slightly - that’s 121 more hits than last month!  Next to our landing page (home page), our “News” page was the most popular page last month.  Surprisingly enough, “Joe’s Corner,” came out of nowhere to capture the second most popular page of the month with a staggering 65 total hits!  Truly amazing!  Was this due to an increase in drunken internet surfing?  We’ll never know!  If I had to guess, I would say that all the recent censorships to Joe’s articles probably drove an unusual amount of google traffic.  Go figure! 

Our “GPS downloads” page came in 3rd for the month. 

If you have some time (and if you haven’t already), check out the new Classifieds page on the website.  This section is open to everyone with no restrictions on what you want to sell…  If you have an old couch you wanna get rid of, just send me a pic with all the info and I’ll post it up for ya!  Nothing illegal please…  Also new to the website is the “Join the Cause” page, as well as the new and exciting “Mammoth M/C Desert Racing Team” page… Check em out.


Treasury Report

Bank Roll: .  $350 in the treasury.

Recent Purchases:  Bills for last month included $25 for the RV park party that was cancelled/postponed (we have a credit with them), and $40 in supplies (dogs, beer, plates) for the garage meeting.

Fines assessed: 0.00