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Re-open our track!

posted Jul 21, 2010, 4:31 PM by Jim Planet
original material published in the Mammoth Times, "Election News"  
Friday 19, March 2010

 excerpt taken from: Allen Blumer’s campaign statement.

    “... Joe Parrino, of “Bear-With-Us” and also “” is absotively-posilutely correct in his attempts to open the Mammoth track more often during the summer. The one week of racing brings in tons of tourists and money for our community as well as international TV exposure. Shady Rest and Sherwin Creek campgrounds were jam packed that whole week. I would also like to see professional snowmobile racing events out there. It would not degrade the track and I’m pretty darn sure that ESPN and other sports channels would avidly cover such an event. In fact, I believe that would necessitate snow plowing and opening Shady Rest for at least part of the winter. You can bet that Mammoth RV Park would love to have such an event occur!!