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Joe, in the News! Year-round Motocross Track!

posted Jul 21, 2010, 4:03 PM by Jim Planet   [ updated Jul 22, 2010, 1:12 PM by Tony Burgess ]

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DangerousDave," and can be 
found on Thread entitled, "Mammoth Mx track/UPDATE."

    "Hey Guys and Gals, Joe, from Mammoth, Has been busy, going to meetings and really accomplishing feats that has been along time comming. As of 2/09/2010, a news colume in the Mammoth Times has got the town and forestry dept. taking a real serious look at Joe's proposals for the future of more events and use of the track. I'll try to attach the clip but I'm still a novice on the computer but I'll give it a shot. If it does not attach I'll keep tryin just like when I was a beginner tryin to jump my first set of doubles. If it does not come clean and I can't stick it, Here's what it pretty much states: the head line-
"Year-round Motocross idea needs more work"
                                By Wendilyn Grasseschi(Mammoth Times staff writer)

        A proposal to open the Mammoth Motocross track during the summer and fall might be a good idea, but it's going to take a lot more work before it can be more than an idea.
        Joe Parrino, a long-time motorcycle enthusiast, suggested the idea to the Mono County Board of Supervisors this week.
        His idea is to open the track for most of the summer and fall, use it for education and events, create a non-profit to manage the site and create memberships for families and individuals who would use the track frequently.
        "People who ride spend alot of monies in the communties they ride in," he said, "People come with their families. I get e-mails every day, people looking for some place to ride here. We are missing out on an untapped resource"
         The board was intrigued, but wary. What about Mammoth Mountain Ski Area (MMSA owns the infrastructrure at the Motocross track), they asked?  What about the Forest Service (who owns the land under the track)?  What about the town of Mammoth Lakes (who manages the permit the Mountain has for the Motocross event)?
         Parrino said he'd stopped talkinf to the Forest Service after some problems with them several years ago and he expressed frustration with his ability to talk to the Mountain about the issue as well, due to previous problems.
         "Yes, we talked to Joe a few years ago and I told him then that he was going to have to get an agreement with Mammoth Mountain Ski Area and the Town before we could look at his application," Inyo National Forest Deputy District Ranger, Schlafmann said. "In fact, I just turned down someone else this week for the same reason."
If Parrino doesn't get such agreements, he has to demonstrate the "financial and technical ability" to buy his own infrastructure, and, at minimum, make sure all security issues were managed, Schlafmann said. We are not the ones who can give you an anwser on this," said supervisor Tom Farnetti at the board meeting. Regardless, county staff will take a closer look at the issue and get back to the board in the next few months.      

Printed in the Mammoth Times ,issue for the month of February 5-11, 2010

          Well, it looks like we're rockin the boat for more use of   "PUBLIC" lands, not Forestry land owned by the Forest Service Dept.    Remeber  that this is a  built on Democracy, "IT'S WE THE PEOPLE" and it's public land for the people. Why can we have HANG TOWN, HUNGRY VALLEY and the like and not run and controll the Mammoth MX track and more, the same. In a down economy, we really need to generate more resources and I can see a real positive resource here that will give us what we want and need. Spread this article around, if possible bring it up at any meetings for disscusion, we, all of us riders and enthusiasts, need to help get the word out, support this movement with e-mail, donations needed so on and so fourth. I'll bring you more as soon as it becomes public knowledge."