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Joe-show - pre-summer udpates

posted Jun 15, 2011, 4:18 PM by Tony Burgess
Our May23 local meeting didn't have the best attendance for our new U.S.F.S meet and greet. For all that did show, Thank you for your support and all your comments to Ed Armenta. Ed listened to local families complaints and concerns about a popular staging area, Shady Rest Park in Mammoth Ca. Shady Rest caters to all recreation. He uderstands the impact in a small area can create conflicts. He said, "I will research the background regarding why the track was closed to the public". Ed is a man of his word, and I trust we will get answers. Ed never mentioned anything about Washington DC's policies regarding user groups sports using public land. I did find this policy: MULTIPLE USE SUSTAINED YIELD ACT, STATUE THAT AUTHORIZES MANY FOREST ACTIVITIES ON PUBLC LAND. Powder mountain ski area in Utah has a motocross track built with big jumps on the ski hill. It is U.S.F.S land. Check it out on

Our annual Mammoth motocross race date is June 16-26. Our Mammoth Mountain (host and permit holder) of the track refuse to believe the MX groups will come ride the track if it was open to public 3 days a week for fun, practice, and high altitude training. Our local X games gold metalist in skiercross, Johny Teller rides motocross tracks during the off season for training. My goal is to show our local government (decission makers) how big the MX industry has grown. If you are in town for the race, SHOW UP AT THE TOWN COUNCIL MEETING ON JUNE 15 AT 6:00 IN SUITE Z IN THE VONS CENTER. Our Goal is to pack the room with all visitor teams, kids, and all family members who will love to come stay and ride our Mammoth MX track from July to Nov. THIS MEETING IS A MUST SHOW!!

Visit or Email: for more information. HELP GET OUR TRACK BACK IN 2011!!