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2008 SCORE San Felipe 250

For what seemed like an eternity – in the airplane hanger of blood & coffee

…nights turning into days, turing into nights, back into days. 
Memories of a Baja 1000 where quickly replaced – motor and all.

A new 351w  (aka:  oil leak)  And a new trans too!

The curse of the Black Charlotte seemed like a thing of the past. 
Everything was falling into place. 

A new 13 second dez-sled?

An early morning arrival – San Felipe. Beautiful and warm.

New bearing for the ye-ole-pre-runner was in order.

More testing, tuning, zoo-road jumps…jetting!

Then, off to the junkyards… and the bars…pool tables… police stations…bribes… and tequila!
Love SF

212X and 213X 

More sand and lines then the brain can fathom. And fields of purple 
Matomi, Azufre, and Huatamote Cyns.

Unfortunately, the pics end here… 
my camera met an untimely death, and so did our race.
We managed a beautiful Zoo-road jump, but an explosive axle flinging drive flange of death @ RM15 ended our race.. 
no spare... 
no time.
& Ye Ole rescue-runner hopelessly stuck in the sand.

212X and 213X finished!