The Precious (7/23/2010)

by the end of our “unofficial” ride,  my odometer said 49 miles.  Our group rode quad trail and pumice, but all I really care to remember is the nice flowing singletrack.. 

The weather was great:  Cool with cloudcover, warm in the sun and cold when it rained.  

A view of our ride. GPS coordinates : not available for download

Smegol  got into a little snag early in the day – slashing his favorite summer sweater.  It’s true what they say:  “Youth is wasted on the young.”

A plated CRF150F is a fine weapon for singletrack work in the E. sierra. 


Taking a break at an intersection.  

In the near future, thousands of signs will appear at the thousands of intersections in the Inyo. Maybe even a few signal lights.

More narrow connections through transition zones.  Pine forest to sage. 


Joe, eating up the tight. 

singletrack ninja skills.

The XR4, finding the right line through the “Gulch of Bones.”

And safely exiting.

A nice relaxing stopover at a mountain top cabin – the views were spectacular.

Until Smegol and Joe strip down - exposing their sweaty naked breasts.

And  ruining the mountain scenery for the entire group. 

The XR650L.  Nice and light.

Not really

Smegol, in a hurry


Joe, rounding out the day with some nice turns...

Finishing up with some impressive narrows.  Down through “The Earthquake Fault,” and over “The Pit of Doom.” 

No problems encountered, and everyone made it out safely. 

Later that evening:   BBQ ribs, Sausages, White Russians, beer, and drunken accidents and bloody feet.

Pics unavailable.

Don’t ask.