Glass Mtn. Traverse (7/10/2010)

Mammoth M/C Dual sport ride from Crowley Lake to Grant Lake via the Glass Mountains... 
123 total miles. 

5 riders showed with plated bikes/desert tanks, and one rider with a track bike and a 2 gal tank 
(Don't worry,  He's from Minnesota ).

Here's a glimpse of the route we took - track with map overlay (sorry, GPS tracks are not available - for a similar loop download click here).  We started in Crowley lake (9am), slabbed it over to Brown's Owens River Campground, where we met up with Weird (aka: Dr. Weird, Climax, AK, that guy with the dented up truck).  
After some plesentries, we were off (approx 10am). 


We brought 2 tow straps for the 2 firemen on orange bikes.

One CRF450R with Minnesota plates.

The Views of Long Valley were incredible.  We couldn't have asked for nicer weather - cloud cover all day long...  

The Glass Mtn Traverse has an abundance of highly classified singletrack.  
Weird could care less, he's in it for the firewood potential.

Weird has a violent run-in with a sharp stone!  
It's a good thing he paid close attention to our ride prep section on the website!
He had all the tools needed for a quick tire change (well...maybe not every single one).

And he didn't even give me a bite of his Fu***ng sandwich.  Thanks.

Russ...  and the XR6, came through with the spare tube.

This Guy's motto... always full throttle.

The XR4:
Pine needles to the face & threading the needle up a single-track connector.

This was to be expected... 
Here we see the Ole Exxon Valdez (five-two-five-biiiatch) offering up some refined oil to the "boy wonder."


The six-fiddy...
 low on fuel (because someone stole it) and sucked into a tree-well.  
Tired, but at least I had my sandals.

We arrived at the June Lake Junction gas station at approx 3:45pm with 115 miles under our belt.  After a beer and some chips at the June Lake Junction,our group parted ways.  some went into June Lake for Tiger Burgers, Some went home, and some continued on to Grant Lake.  
It was a fond farewell.  

Grant Lake was perfect - glassy and still. Lucky for us, friends were awaiting our arrival....  with cold beer, cocktails, jet skis, a floating trampoline, BBQ chicken and sausages topped with bacon bits and mayo.

I looked forward to a nice cold dip in the lake after long day of carrying Weird on my back.

Being a parent is a thankless job.

Hey Fella, what's in those saddle bags? 

 Crowley Lake Mi-ties...  of course!
All he needs now is a fast go-cart!

The next day (w/ gnarly hangover), we had an unexpected visit from a UFSF Ranger on a clapped out WR.  He watched us for a while as we played on our water toys, then he called out, "are you going to come ashore??"  We immediately stopped what we were doing. 
Sorry bout that.

He informed us that due to the new "road inventory," we should expect 1000 miles of road closures.  

"Wow," i said "that sure is a lot of closed roads...  Do you plan on opening any new ones?"  "NO, we're just closing them.  It might not happen for about 5 years, but it will come, so obey the closed signs when you see them..."  

I told him that the inventory was done in a sloppy manner because many trails were missed or left out - he just mentioned something about a new "map," and if a road isn't on "the map," it's closed, and it's our responsibility to know the difference. 
He didn't give us any maps.

makes perfect sense to me, thanks!  
Can I go back out now?

The End!
A HUGE thanks to everyone that helped us! 
Our drinks were cold, beds made, boats launched, and the food was perfect!!!


We're sorry, but these particular GPS tracks are for member use only.  However, we do have a similar GPS download of the Glass Mountain Traverse here 

Due to the "fragile nature" of these tracks, we cannot offer them to the general public.  It's not that we don't trust you - it's that we just cant afford to.  Anti Access groups are targeting Eastern Sierra singletrack for immediate closure... We also have an increase of quad and UTV driving idiots (not all), who are destroying motorcycle single-track at an alarming rate.''  
We will not contribute any information to these groups.

Become a member, attend a meeting, and make yourself known.  
Thanks for your understanding.