ALL Girls Ride (10-10-2010)

Four female dirt bike riders got together for an adventure this weekend. No guys allowed and no quadtards either, we wanted to keep a fast pace! LOL! I think this was the first chick ride for all of us.

Bikes included: Yamaha TTR125, Honda CRF 230, WR 250 and CRF 150f (plated).  The terrain and weather couldn’t be any better. Temperature was a cool 75 degrees.

The four of us started in Swall Meadows and headed up Sand Canyon to the lower lake over by Wheeler Crest.  Although Sand Canyon wasn’t sandy, not this time of the year. The snow had just melted with just a few patches here and there on the way to the lower lake.

Just got through a little technical section, lesson one: when in doubt… gas it! Ha ha!

We had a little snack at the lake and then decided to head to Swall Meadows and continue through the canyon to Tom’s Place and down into Crowley Lake beach area for some sandy fun.


Here, the girls are talking about the latest fashion at mall and what color gear they’re going to buy to color coordinate for the next ride. LOL! Just kidding… they’re exchanging war stories on their mountain bikes.

We did a few circles and messed around at the beach on the back side of Crowley Lake.

Time to go home… we headed back to Swall Meadows.

I had hit this wooped out hill climb a couple times on the way out!  We finished the day with 40 miles under our belts.  

Take a closer look at our route!