Death Valley Dual Sport Loop - Furnace Creek to Beatty



Our Death Valley dualsport route took us from the Furnace Creek Ranch , CA - to Beatty, NV for lunch - and back.  
The weather in October couldn't have been any nicer! It was a cool 87 degrees in mid October.

 Started working our way up towards Echo Cyn

We got an early start from our hotel at Furnace Creek.  The temps were nice and cool...

It's hard not to love DV...  the colors and shapes are spectacular!

These little guys are everywhere! Spotted this on a mile and a half away.

Stopping for our first break...  about 10 miles in. Check out the mountain in the background. Just too much to see...

Echo Cyn gets real tight in spots...  Kim makes it through the rock puzzle without any issue.

Kim met her match!  A step-up was a little much for the 150 as big rocks swallow her back tire.

Rejected! Thought I might mix things up with a little technical challenge for her.  She loved it!

We're finally through the cyn, and we get our first glimpse of Nevada... and Amargosa Valley 

But we weren't out of trouble yet, still some more tight canyons to work through. Nothing like good rock gardens to spice things up!

Kim as we exited the National Park...

We found ourselves on the old Vegas to Reno Race Course....  Kim ate up the whoops.

To our suprise!  We found a nice oasis in the desert.  Yes, we marked the location on the GPS!

We  made it to Beatty, and stopped at Mels for a quick bite -  $5 Cheeseburger and fries.  
You wont find those prices at Furnace Creek.

After lunch and fueling up in Beatty, we made our way over to Rhyolite Ghost Town...  and then over to Titus Cyn. Now for the real scenic treat of beautiful Death Valley.

A helicopter took these next few of Kim...

Working our way through Titus Cyn. Thanks to big nice windy fire roads we could enjoy the beautiful scenery at a good pace.

Titus gets tight, and the Cyn walls are spectacular.

Titus finally spit us out... and back into Death Valley after a 100+ miles.

And of course...  We were almost back to the hotel when this happened.  They couldn't see my plate, and so I was mistaken for a pesky dirt biker.  The officer was nice however (ignoring the lack of mirrors, brake light, tail light, DOT tires, and not mentioning anything about my HID headlight), and almost apologetic for having to pull me over.  Not only that, one of them actually washed my plate off with water!  


No complaints here, just some friendly Death Valley Law Enforcement officers (RARE). 

After the ride we stumbled upon an old mine...  that led us to a nice bar...  
And frogs were everywhere. 


Kim's birthday drink to finish off the weekend... pina colada.

The ride back home to Mammoth was filled with photo stops...  here are a few.

Heading towards Artist Canyon.

I hope you enjoyed our Death Valley to Beatty ride report.  
 If you're interested in doing this ride as well,  CLICK HERE for the GPS download
Ride safe!

The End