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Crowley Lake to Lone Pine (2 days, 315 miles)

Ride synopsis: (full details and photos on our archived Thumper Talk ride reports page)
After working on a custom surface water treatment plant in the high sierra, Club members needed a break.  Route wound from Crowley Lake to Coyote Flats and then down to Big Pine.  Two of the three adventure bikes lost brakes on the downhill from Coyote Flats. 


Later we toured our only area mine with about 1 mile driven entirely underground - no GPS for that.  Next up was a nice stretch of Owens Valley singletrack from Manzanar to Alabama Hills.  We overnighted at the De LaCour Ranch.

Next morning brought a tour of the ranch's hydroelectric plant and workings.   Breakfast in Lone Pine was followed with another mine tour, Old Whiteside Diggins - a privately owned silver and lead mine near Mazourka Canyon.  Mazourka Canyon led to the "Inyo Traverse" and up there is some fine singletrack - to those that can find it.
Along with some fine scenery and history, this ride was a prep for the annual LA Barstow2Vegas dual sport