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6. December 20, 2012 - Now, I'm not one to seek notoriety, but having my salsa get mentioned, but my own presence being over-looked is a bit disparaging :-/

Yo yo yo.  Final minutes of O12 below.

MammothMC meeting minutes.  (A little late, but packed with info!

Present: John, Isabel, James, Kim, Russ, Abe, Joe, Brandon, Jason, (Steve was here *minutes correction)

Guests: Ellen, Skyler

The cold ghetto evening saw a welcome potluck style meeting - the food/snacks in attendance included baked beans w/ jalapeno and bacon, meatballs in marinara sauce, fried rice and rooster juice, homemade salsa w/ a cream cheese block center and one bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken.  More on that bucket later...

Drinks included Coors light, Blue Moon (don't get me started), and vodka and cranberry as a healthful alternative.

We talked about club t-shirts - more than a few ideas were floated regarding artwork and logos.  Having a full treasury, a fiscally responsible motion was made to get something done.

The logo will remain the same but new artwork is in the works - stylish, catchy, yet combined with an edgy feel of old unresolved baggage this shirt is sure to please all.  Thanks go out to the 'original Jojo' for assistance.

Future shirts are also being lined up.  Since the TOML abandoned it's old logo we might integrate that as well, also, a Clockwork Orange inspired shirt is under consideration.  Bartender, another milk plus!  Large.

The presidential vote is in!

Abe Froman, sausage king of Hilton Creek, wins by a chicken's skin.

Although Jason had received the most popular votes, FRO swept the electoral votes with his well timed delivery of fried chicken to the potluck.  Where did this bucket come from?  We may never know.

Bringing more maturity to the club, FRO accepted the presidential office for 2013.

Treasury: $920

Being a work night (and knowing when to say when) the exiting president left everyone with this ensemble:

As the evening wore on, all sorts of topics ensued: revolutions, Russ's disappearance, doomsday strategies, and Joe finally got around to showing off his new ping "pong" table.  Thanks Joe for hosting the holiday party, and thanks to everyone else for not turning it into a shit-show.

You have received this email because of contact through our website, by request, or even by casual contact (or referral) through the eastern sierra community.  If for any reason you desire to by removed from our list simply reply to this email and consider it done.

PS. we whole heartily welcome aboard our newest MC member, Jake, from Jake's Fab Works!