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5. November 14, 2012 - Travel Management tricksters

Getting these earlier minutes out because we had a December meeting with a new presidency announcement. Stay tuned.

MammothMC call to order 5:00 p.m. Zranch

Members present:

John, Isabel, James, Kim, Steve, Russ, Jason, Joe (late), Abe (extra late)

Guests: John G., Talen, and Arya

First item of business was a $3.50 miller 32 oz bottle, followed by $1.50 mickeys.  Sampling of revised bar food was good, but not as good as previous menus - not to worry though we will be back.

2013 presidential nominees included Jason and Fro.  Although tensions were 'high' we expect a clean campaign sans the dirt modeled to us by Obummer and Mittens.

Some riding talk was going on but the president was only thinking of a looming Cabo vacation.  The owens valley offers good riding during the winter.  Possible trips would be Bishop to Lone Pine, or, Bishop north to include the foothills of the Whites.  Nothing is set.

Trick played on Joe:
New member Steve was present wearing a green flannel shirt.  Steve is a firefighter from out of town and had a badge combined with a green ID card.  So the following scenario played out.  When Joe arrived we introduced 'Steve' as the newest USFS LEO to Mammoth here to talk to the club (and specifically Joe) about illegal trail creation.  So Steve flashed his badge and Joe wasn't happy.  Steve followed it up by saying he was here to enforce travel management.  (TM - two dirty initials!)  But the gig was up as several folks couldn't contain their laughter.

Joe, who was already upset and drained (shrimpy reasons we won't go into) made a mental note, "Guys, can we limit the drinking to after the meeting?" 

Joe's news:

Well everyone here's the secret for the ones who didn't show up at Z ranch M.M.C meeting. I spoke at the Mono County Supervisor meeting Tues. morning at the county offices in Mammoth. We have 2 new supervisors as of Jan. 1 2013. Tim Alper and Tim Fesko. I campaigned for Fesko due to he is motorized. I spoke at public comment regarding Mammoths Mx track. I informed the sups that the track is in Mono County boundaries. I educated them that California has the most Motocross tracks in the country. (30) Not including private tracks like Jawbone in Benton Ca.
Ed Armenta is offering the Town or Mono County a permit to operate the track.  I'm on the agenda in Jan 2013. The last week of Jan. in the 
Mono County Offices in the Sierra Center Mall, close to where the old courts took place.   It's on the 3rd floor in the Mono county chambers at 9:00am sharp. I'm the first on the agenda so get there early to get a seat. Give you a
hint I have Byng hunt, Tim Fesko, and Tim Alper on board.
Need to pack the room with ALL motorcycle riders and I'll be updating everyone as the time gets closer. Next we all discussed bi-monthly meeting schedule for winter.  Later James brought in his surprise wedding gift -- an antique Ishapore chambered in Nato 7.62 x 51 Treasury: $920 End.