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1. January 19, 2012 - New Year, New President!



Members in Attendance

John, Joe

Big John, Ricky

Presidents Report

(and before the guests arrived it felt like date night for John and Joe)

#1. Rotation of the presidency.  Joe thought John would make a good president similar to James' 2011 run provided that he stayed involved.  James will assume the position of “Public Relations Officer,” and promises to remain active with local OHV issues.  

#2. We spoke about the mention of OHV not moving forward in Mammoth until the OHV crowd will bow down and accept travel management directives.  Past president James noticed that a statement of fact was printed in some MLTPA meeting minutes and notified us via phone call earlier in the evening.  So we discussed the meaning behind it, and, having taken an intro to philosophy college course we question that kind of rationale.  Is it as simple as my way or nothing?  Black or white?  Some of us believe that there are multiple choices (and forks in the road).  In fact, in our country (and county, forest, dirt road, whatever) we have the freedoms to choose our own beliefs and subsequent actions.  Think then act.

*** James wrote an e-mail to John Wentworth (MLTPA) reminding him of our stance on the issue:

Hi John, 

I was out of town last week - just got back in last night.  Sure, you can give me a call anytime.  760-XXX-XXXX. I also had a comment about the December MLTPA meeting minutes, but just haven't had time to

Your minutes stated:

"...Mr. Wentworth emphasized, however, that the motorized community, and particularly this new working group, would need to accept the Travel Management Decision as it is in order to move forward."

John, this is easy for you to say as you don't ride OHV trails.   We were all scammed, and you know it.   Mammoth M/C plans to participate in the shady/scenic loop planning process, and I think it can be done regardless of our stance on the TMD.  The TMD it was done in a sloppy, unfair, and illegal manner (unacceptable).   The idea was good, but the outcome was not - and the current "implementation process" makes it even worse.   Maybe one day we will recognize it, but "as it is" today we cannot - we will continue to report on its trail/forest destruction. 

We CAN however...  choose to move forward with other projects (I think), and participate in the development of the mammoth lakes trail system/infrastructure as it relates to OHV use.  That is, after all, the whole point...  Regardless of what the "TMD" has managed to do (or not to do).  A motorized staging area is just that.


Thanks for understanding our position on this.



Public Relations Officer 2012

Mammoth Motorcycle Club

Johns Wentworth’s Response:

James –

I understand where you guys are coming from and I appreciate your desire to be willing to engage and work on projects that will define the MLTS and all its motorized opportunities going forward.  That's where I think all of our energies can be most productively spent.

The TMD is its own animal - I'm not going to tell anybody how they should feel about that process or its ultimate decision. If we all focus on what the future is going to look like, we can get to work making sure that future becomes a reality.  MLTPA accepts the TMD as the adopted policy of the USFS. It's going to take real work to see a vision of the MLTS and its motorized component turned into reality, but if we all work together, we'll get a lot done, I'm pretty sure of that.

I'll give you a call in a bit - good to hear from you and I look forward to catching up

-John Wentworth

CEO / Board President


#3. Events: the 2012 event calendar will closely follow the 2011 calendar with the addition of a "camp & ride" event (June 23-24) put on by Joe to coincide with the 2012 Monster Energy Motocross.  Keep posted for more info on that.

#4. Expenses: in December 2011 we purchased a $200 ad in a local dirt-bike production that will be soon hitting the local Mammoth and Bishop airwaves.  We have a DVD copy, but it can also be viewed online at:



#5. The evening wrapped up with a couple $6.50 pitchers and free pool inside of the Snowcreek Bistro.

(Dry weather update)

Up to three feet of snow has fallen in town and outlying forests, mountains, and valleys.  The club was glad to see it, although some more than others... Bishop received six inches and will melt out soon.

Treasurer’s report

   $562, thanks to member Jeff with a $30 donation/re-new through our up and working paypal donation link.