Mammoth M/C Meeting Minutes


Members in Attendance:  James, John, Adam, Kim , Russ, Abe, Joe,

            Guests: Chris, Alicia, Johnston, Terry, 

James Connolly:

James started the meeting off by talking briefly about the NORRA vintage race down in Baja.  Although the race ended sooner than the team expected (halfway through the second day), they still had a great time.  There was 12 bikes entered in their class (8A), and by the end of 

day one the team was at 259 minutes (a solid 5th place in class).  “Out of the four bikes in front of us, only one was a 2-stroke,” James said.  There was a 1989 xr600 in first, followed by a 1991 xr600, and a 84 xr500 (Joe Hauler – Checkers Offroad) in third.  In 4th, At 238 minutes, was the vintage 2-stroke of Marcos Hernandez (1978 Husqvarna CR390).


“Our CR500 was fast - maybe a little too fast… I think it was a combination of 100 degree temps a little too much WFO.  The engine melted down just outside of Vizcaino (South of Guerro Negro), and we were done.” 

For those interested, all the unofficial times are posted on the NORRA website: HERE.

A full race report (and bike build) is under construction and will be up on the website as soon as possible.

“We’ll be back next year,’ stated James “Baja is way too addicting, we just might not do the whole 2-stroke thing again…”



James then  talked a little about his new project with the MLTPA.  The MLTPA (Mammoth Lakes Trails and Public Access) will be developing a new Mammoth Lakes Trail System/recreation information website, and James will be involved with the OHV trail information side of things. “If presented well, this new website idea has the potential of being a great resource for both visitors and locals,” said James. “I like the idea of representing all forms of recreation on one site - this can easily change the relationships (for the better) between user groups in our area.”  James will keep us updated as the project progresses.

John Connolly:

John spent some time discussing his recent conversation he had with a current USFS employee (name withheld).  This FS employee informed John that almost ALL backcountry expenditures (2011) have been stopped so that ALL funds can be re-allocated towards “OHV programs” (enforcement, sign pollution, closures, etc).  After hearing this possible new development, John immediately called Jon Kazmierski (Recreation Officer for the Mammoth Lakes Ranger District) to get more information.   Kazmierski was unavailable for comment.

John said that as a resident of the Eastern Sierra, he does more than just ride a dirtbike! It would be a shame to know that the FS is pulling all their backcountry funding to pursue OHV interests.  We’re still looking for answers, and shall keep you posted on this new development.

John then talked briefly about the new local area CTUC map, and mentioned his recent experience at the Visitors Center.  Apparently the Visitor Center keeps the new maps in the “back,” and you have to ask for them.   After asking for it, the lady behind the counter produced two maps - a CTUC map and an MVUM map.  She explained, “The CTUC isn’t accurate, and you need an MVUM to accompany it.”   John thanked her for her honesty.   

Well, it looks as if we’re back at square one…   It’s unfortunate, but visitors will most likely choose to use NO maps at all, over having to use two .   (Visit this link, and scroll to the bottom to read more about the new CTUC map for the Mammoth area)

John also talked a little about the new “2011-12 Mammoth Lakes Recreation Guide.”     On page 20, dirt bike riders will be pleased to find a nice OHV expose (written by John Connolly).  Two MammothMC members were named in the article.  Vince and Russ.  Unfortunately, our Town “authorities” decided it would be better to edit Russ out (unknown reasons). 

Lucky for us, we just so happen to have the original unedited paragraph: 

“… The scenic trail ahead includes lots of rock work, cattle gates, cows, fisher folk, creek crossings, dog walkers, runners, hot springs, single track, some pavement, primitive campers, travel trailer homesteaders, and the occasional dual sport enthusiast like Russ Chessler, our former Town of Mammoth Lakes tennis pro.”

 Be sure to get a copy next time you’re up! Tell em Russ sent ya!

Joe Parrino:

Joe talked a little about the new Forest supervisor, Ed Armenta. 

Joe said that Ed showed up to his Motocross track meeting, and is a proponent of OHV activities.  Joe also said that Ed would like to see the track re- opened, and looks forward to working with Joe on this in the future.

Joe also talked about what he believes to be a new wave of “eco terrorism” that’s hitting the area.   Joe’s recent encounter included several trees that were placed purposely across a trail in such a manner to cause harm to an unwary rider.   Joe claims that the trees had been recently cut and dragged into position, and placed in a way to impale a motorcyclist.  Could this be signs of a Possible dirtbike Jihad??  Could be.

Joe forgot to take pictures of this “moto-trap,” and as of yet he hasn’t notified the Sheriff’s department - but Joe did have the means to phone…  

Stacy Corless (Deputy Director of Friends of the Inyo).  Joe calmly told Stacy of his recent close-call  with these “terror traps,” and of his theories behind why they might be happening.  Stacy’s response was far from empathetic.  Instead of comforting Joe, She started in on a tirade of insults!   Accusing Joe of being “crazy,” and “paranoid,” and extremely “delusional.” 

Although she might be correct in her assumptions (only about the paranoid part), Joe was still caught off guard, and his response was…

“So I guess this means I won’t be getting a job with you this summer?”

***Adam spoke on this topic as well – explaining that there are many trees down but he has not seen any that looked suspicious, or had been purposely placed in a “booby trap.”  Not to worry, our trails are still  safe from terrorism. 

On a serious note, Joe did talk a little about the recent meeting he had with Jon Regelbrugge (District Ranger for the Mammoth and Mono Lake Ranger Districts), Ed Waldheim  (President of CORVA), and other important political players.   Joe said the meeting took a turn for the worst after Ed’s continuous questioning of Regelbrugge’s lack of signage and travel management improvements in the INF.   

 Talk revolved around the “Friends of the Inyo,” and the fact that Friends of the Inyo had received  an enormous amount  of money in the form of “Grants.”  These Grants were aimed at helping FOI begin their “cost effective” implementation of the Inyo National Forest's 2009 Record of Decision for Travel Management (aka: closing over 900 miles of roads in the INF). However, after 2 cycles, the Friends Of the Inyo still have very little to show for all the money they have received – and the California OHMVR Division of State Parks is as concerned about this as we are. 

Joe feels that Friends of the Inyo will be facing the real possibility of having their (endless supply of OHV cash) funding pulled.   Joe also noted that this new development would explain the verbal attack he received by Stacy Corless regarding “eco-terrorism.” 

As the meeting went on, it seems as though John Regelbregge made a last ditch effort to defend the lack of progress by making a personal attack towards Joe.  Mr. Regelbregge explained that one of the main reasons behind the lack of signage in the INF was because “Joe’s friends keep running them over with their snowmobiles.” 

Is this a factual statement John, or just another one of your cop-outs?  We at Mammoth M/C would like to know – we’d also like to know whom you are referring to in your statement (lie). 

In the end I’m not so surprised by this comment – as Regelburger told me once that cutting live trees down “could” be an effective way of closing single-track. 

All in all, It’s been a tough few weeks for Joe.  But he’s still out there… fighting the fight.  If you wish to meet Joe Parrino in person, you’re in luck! 
Joe will be camping out at Oh Ridge campground (June Lake) over the Labor Day Holiday with some friends and is planning on doing some riding – Stop by if you’re in the area. 

Website report:

Since April, the website has received 592 hits, and 1,800 page views .  It’s good to know that our most popular page is our GPS downloads page, and coming in second is our ride reports page.  Click on the links below to visit some new content on the site:


June 1:  Mammoth MC and Mammoth Snowmobile Repair to participate in Town of Mammoth Lakes Clean-up day!

May 24: OHV access to Owens Dry Lake preserved!

May 16:  CTUC content, part Deuce.

April 28:  Death Valley National Park releases “Wilderness Alternative Concepts”

Treasury Report:

$371 with 24 current members. 

Recent Purchases:

$50.10 was spent for the 2 year renewal of our domain name ( &  the club saved 12.00 doing a two year renewal.

Fines assessed: 0.00 



Mammoth M/C would like to welcome its 3 newest members!

Andy Fricke (joined 4/28), Jeff Moran (Joined 5/10), Angel Sierra (5/19)